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20 марта 2013, Статья
Free Music for Worship
Inspire your congregation with fresh songs and innovative arrangements.  As a prolific songwriter, I am passionate about providing high quality, original music to churches free of charge.  My songs and anthems are designed to serve the programming needs of church musicians in a variety of worship settings.  My growing catalog of sheet music and demo recordings is online for free download and use in your worship ministry.  Please visit:  www.sing4free.com You will find a ...
30 января 2013, Статья
Why Am I Singing in Latin?
Our choir director welcomed us into the new year with a packet of songs set to last until Easter.  One of my immediate surprises was the number of songs we are scheduled to sing in Latin. Sure, I studied Latin in the eighth and ninth grades and can still do a fair job of proper pronunciation, but I have very little recall of the meaning of most words.  When I rehearse and sing these songs for weeks to come, I am not going to have much of a clue as to both what I am saying and why.  How is ...
30 января 2013, Статья
Give Me That Old Time...Lyric
If you look at my published music, you will note that I love lyrics which are centuries old.  There is something special about expressions of the faith that have stood the test of time, spread beyond the affinity group of their original creator(s) and ministered to many generations.  They move our reflection beyond the norms and standards of our present religious and cultural affiliations.  They remind us that the story of Christ and the Church has many reflective pathways.  They ...
30 января 2013, Статья
Why Are We Singing This Song?
I often find myself participating in a worship service wondering, "Why are we singing this song?"  Sometimes I find the music setting poorly designed and unable to convey the meaning of the lyrics.  However, it is more often true that I find a particular lyric lacking in both intellectual and spiritual nurture. We musicians need to ask ourselves, "Why does this song belong in our worship service?"  We are not filling time and we are surely not trying to entertain.  We are trying ...
30 января 2013, Статья
Do You Ask, "Why?"
I consulted with a congregation several years ago and heard one church member after another recall a time when everyone really knew why things were done a certain way.  Their complaint about the present culture of the church was that leaders were great at quickly deciding who, what, when, where and how questions.  But, though such answers got things done, resulting experiences often left participants feeling untouched or a little empty.  No one knew why. Do you intentionally ask, ...
23 января 2013, Статья
How Do I Write So Much Music?
Here's what makes me a prolific songwriter. 1) Passion - My professional career is over and I have waited 40 years for this season of my life to do what I do best.  I won't waste a moment!  I cannot wait to get to work each day on writing and publishing new songs.   2) Discipline - I work everyday as if I am on deadline and must produce.  It's all me, no boss or outside influence to generate this demand for productivity.  It helps that I believe there are numerous songs in me ...
14 января 2013, Статья
The Gift of the Magi - Children Say the Truest Things
In church a week ago, the children were asked what gifts the wise men brought to Jesus.  The best answer I heard will stick with me.  A small boy said, "Myrrh, Frankengold, and Sense." Sense (common sense, sensitivity to the needs/concerns of others, etc.) is one of the greatest gifts we can bring to Jesus...and to our neighbors.  Thank you, Gracious God, for what comes to surprise and teach us from the lips of little children!
14 января 2013, Статья
Blending Music in Worship
I currently sing in a church that is deeply traditional in their approach to worship.  My congregation before this one was deeply contemporary in their approach using a lot of jazz and rock grooves.  Thus, I find myself liking a lot of the music that I sing in either kind of worship service.  Here is my problem.  I don't like having my traditional worship team program a contemporary song for us to sing and then present it as a four-part hymn arrangement accompanied by the ...