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23 January 2013

How Do I Write So Much Music?

Over 70 songs in the last year and 14 publications since Jan. 1, 2013. How do I do it?

Here's what makes me a prolific songwriter.

1) Passion - My professional career is over and I have waited 40 years for this season of my life to do what I do best.  I won't waste a moment!  I cannot wait to get to work each day on writing and publishing new songs.  2) Discipline - I work everyday as if I am on deadline and must produce.  It's all me, no boss or outside influence to generate this demand for productivity.  It helps that I believe there are numerous songs in me just waiting to get out.  I will do all I can to bring them to a timely birth.  3) Persistence - I do not wait for inspiration.  I grab every fragment of melody, harmony, lyric, or rhythm and run with it.  4) Talent - I have received a gift from God and have a responsibility to use it.  5) Skill - I studied the basics of hymn writing 40 years ago in college.  I have taught myself how to write, arrange and orchestrate many styles.  I never stop learning and practicing.  One of my mentors challenged me to arrange the same melody in three separate styles; I have trained myself to do just that.  6) Participation - I participate in a choir on a regular basis which exposes me to all kinds of music.  I get a lot of ideas and insights from my efforts to perform great music with other passionate musicians.  7) Purpose - I intend to be a useful servant of Christ and the church my whole life.  Writing and publishing my music is how I serve best now.



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