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14 January 2013

Blending Music in Worship

I currently sing in a church that is deeply traditional in their approach to worship.  My congregation before this one was deeply contemporary in their approach using a lot of jazz and rock grooves.  Thus, I find myself liking a lot of the music that I sing in either kind of worship service.  Here is my problem.  I don't like having my traditional worship team program a contemporary song for us to sing and then present it as a four-part hymn arrangement accompanied by the organ.  Stripping away the original groove makes the song sound a hundred years old.  It also makes a lot of songs weak - "plain vanilla" - boring - colorless facsimiles.

If you are going for blended music in worship, at least use an arrangement of the contemporary song that introduces the original groove.  Let the congregation learn, adapt to the new-to-them groove.  Help them appreciate the original version, just as you help them appreciate the classics.



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